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How do I view my account and claim information on the ProBenefits web portal?

You can see your account balances and information about your claims by logging into your ProBenefits account. You can even see PDF images of claims you've submitted, with any problems marked.

First, log in to your account. See more information about how to log in here.

After you're logged in, the first screen you see will welcome you to your ProBenefits account, and will give you an overview of the plans you are participating in.

  1. Participant Name: click on your name under the appropriate plan type/plan year to see claim details for that plan
  2. Annual Election: the amount you elected for the plan year
  3. Contributions withheld: the amount that has been withheld from your paycheck for the plan year to date
  4. YTD Claims Subm: the total amount of approved claims on your account for the plan year to date
  5. YTD Claims Paid: the total amount of claims paid from your account for the plan year to date
  6. Available Credit: the total amount available to you to claim currently. For Medical FSA, this is your election minus claims paid. For Dependent Care FSA, this is your contributions withheld minus claims paid.
  7. Account Balance: the difference between contributions withheld and claims paid

When you click on your name under the plan type and year you would like to see more information about, you will go to the Employee Reimbursement Report, which gives you information about claims submitted and reimbursements made.

  1. Plan type and year: shows the plan type and plan year for the claims listed.
  2. Claim Id: a unique number assigned to each claim that is submitted. If you click the Claim Id number, you can see more details about your claim, as well as a link to the PDF image of your claim.
  3. Trans Id: a unique number assigned to each Flex Card transaction. If you click on the Trans Id number, you can see details about the Flex Card swipe related to this claim. If you do not have a Flex Card, you will not have this column on your report.
  4. Entered Date: the date your claim was entered into our system.
  5. Status: shows whether your claim was fully Approved, Partially Approved, or fully Denied.
  6. Claim Amt: the full amount you were requesting with your claim.
  7. Service Dates: the actual dates of service for your claim. This may be different than what you entered on your claim form, if we determine from your documentation that the dates of service were different.
  8. Approved Amt: the amount that was approved from your claim. This may be less than the Claim Amt, if we were unable to approve the full amount you were requesting.
  9. Payment Amt: the amount of your claim that has been paid. The payment amount may be less than the approved amount on a Dependent Care claim, since unlike Medical, Dependent Care only pays out as contributions are withheld.
  10. Payment Date: the date that payment was made. On a Dependent Care claim that has paid out over several dates, the date of the most recent payment will be listed here. Please note that if this claim came from a Flex Card transaction, the payment date is the date your card was swiped - you do not get additional reimbursement if you have used your Flex Card for a transaction, because the provider has been paid directly through the card instead of from your pocket.
  11. Print: gives you a report in a format better suited for printing.
  12. CSV: exports your report into CSV format, suitable for editing in Excel.
  13. Plan selection tools: To narrow your search or look for other plans and plan years from this screen, you can use the Plan dropdown box and the Period selector tools and then click Search.