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Why was my Flex Card denied?

Although most Flex Card transactions go through without a problem, there are several possible reasons your card might be declined.

  1. Do you have any overdue documentation requests or denied card claims? If so, your card may be blocked until these are cleared up. You can login to your account here to see if you have any Flex Card transactions with a status of 'Money Due.'
  2. Are you out of funds for the plan year? Log on to your account here: to see how much money you have left in your account for the year. Be sure to subtract any unresolved card transactions from the 'Available Credit' amount.
  3. Did you try to swipe your card for more than $2,000.00 total in one day? For your protection, there is a $2,000.00 daily cap on purchases with your card. If you need to use your card for more than that, please call ProBenefits and we can temporarily extend that limit to allow your purchase to be completed.
  4. Did you try to swipe your card for Dependent Care expenses? The Flex Card is intended to be used only for medical expenses, not dependent care, so the card will not work at dependent care providers.
  5. Did you try to swipe your card at a pharmacy or retail merchant? The Flex Card will only work at a pharmacy or retail merchant that has an IIAS (Inventory Information Approval System) in place, so if your pharmacy or retailer does not have this system, you will need to file a Reimbursement Claim Form with your out-of-pocket receipt to get reimbursed instead of using your card. However, with nearly 4,000 national, regional and local retailers participating in IIAS, you should be able to use your card successfully at most locations. See a list of participating retailers here.
  6. If you were using your card at an IIAS-participating retailer, it's possible that the items you were attempting to purchase with your Flex Card are not actually eligible, which would prevent the card from being used to purchase them. For example, vitamins, supplements and personal hygiene items are often assumed to be eligible but in reality are not. View an example list of eligible expenses here.

Please contact ProBenefits if you have any questions!