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I swiped my Flex Card for an ineligible expense. How do I resolve the transaction and get that money back into my account?

You can do one of three things at this point:

  1. Offset this charge by submitting documentation for another FSA-eligible expense that was not paid for with your Flex Card and has not otherwise been submitted for reimbursement. Please include a Reimbursement Claim Form with this documentation and note the transaction you'd like to offset in the comments section.
  2. Repay your employer by logging on to and making an online payment. In order to do this, the charge must be timed out and showing a 'Money Due' status. Please let us know if you would like to choose this option and we can manually time out the charge for you.
  3. Repay your employer by writing a personal check payable to your employer. If you repay this amount to your employer, please have your HR department contact your ProBenefits Plan Administrator to have this resolved on your account.