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I have a Dependent Care FSA, and I tried to use my Flex Card to pay for my child's day care. Why did it not work?

The Flex Card is only valid for Health FSA transactions. ProBenefits does not currently offer a Flex Card for the Dependent Care FSA, so the Card will not work at dependent care providers.

The reason we do not offer a Flex Card for the Dependent Care FSA is due to IRS regulations governing FSAs, which mandate that reimbursement is based on the date of service and that prepayments are not eligible to be reimbursed. Since dependent care providers almost always require prepayment for the week or month of care, using a Flex Card would create more problems than convenience for participants. Dependent Care FSA claims must be submitted via the standard Reimbursement Claim Form and reimbursed by Direct Deposit or hardcopy check.