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The Fastest Way to Get Reimbursed

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Written by Julie Blink on 15 November, 2014
The Fastest Way to Get Reimbursed

Weekly Direct Deposit is the most attractive method of Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Reimbursement. For claims that are received at ProBenefits by Friday at midnight, approved amounts will be released to your bank the following Wednesday afternoon ("In by Friday, out on Wednesday!"). Most participants will see the funds in their accounts on Thursday morning. You may have funds deposited to a checking account or a savings account. To sign up for this reimbursement method, your employer first must have elected to offer Direct Deposit. To find out what FSA reimbursement methods your employer offers, please contact ProBenefits or ask your employer representative.

Steps to get reimbursed by Weekly Direct Deposit:

  1. Check to make sure your employer offers this method of FSA reimbursement.
  2. Login to your ProBenefits account online and enter your direct deposit information there, or complete a Direct Deposit Form and submit to ProBenefits with your next claim.
  3. If your bank account information changes, make the change to your ProBenefits account online or submit a new form.
  4. Submit your claims by Friday at midnight, and watch for your funds to be deposited the following week.


  • To receive Direct Deposit Reimbursement, you must sign up through ProBenefits, even if your paycheck is already direct deposited by your employer.
  • If you have authorized Direct Deposit in the past with ProBenefits, you do not need to submit the form again, unless your account information has changed.
  • Your bank account can be changed or Direct Deposit service can be dropped at will (no Change in Status event required). An exception to this would be if your employer has elected to offer only Direct Deposit Reimbursement, in which case you may change your account information at will, but must provide account information in order to receive your reimbursements.

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