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Wrap SPD Preparation

Wrap SPD Preparation

Scope and Purpose

This service is available to assist employers of all sizes with ERISA plan documentation and disclosure requirements for health and welfare benefit plans. Specifically, this service provides employers with a customized, advanced template version of a Wrap-around Summary Plan Description (“Wrap SPD”). The Wrap SPD is designed to simply and effectively incorporate all benefits sponsored by the employer that are subject to ERISA.

The Wrap SPD serves two significant ERISA compliance purposes. First, the document incorporates and supplements applicable carrier booklets or plan summaries to provide what ERISA requires for content in an SPD. (Most carrier booklets require many, but not all, items required by ERISA for a full and compliant SPD.) Second, the document merges all ERISA benefits into a single plan name, number, and structure. For plans filing a single Form 5500 or seeking to do, the Wrap SPD confirms and protects that practice. For employers not required to file a Form 5500, the single plan structure simplifies what the employer has to maintain and keep current for ERISA compliance purposes. For more details on relevant requirements, watch this webinar on SPDs and ERISA compliance.

This service is a stand-alone preparation and document service. Additional compliance and administration services are not included but are available. As with our separate Form 5500 preparation service, services are coordinated by our in-house benefits attorneys, Laura Bibb and Jason Cogdill.


The preparation process is designed to be simple and efficient for the employer. First, the employer (or broker on employer’s behalf) completes and provides to ProBenefits a Wrap SPD data form confirming which ERISA benefits are to be filed along with relevant data – basic company info, eligibility requirements, benefit specifics, and any non-standard plan provisions. Our benefits attorney conducts an ERISA analysis for the plan, including review of any current or prior Form 5500 filings for consistency. ProBenefits generates the Wrap SPD and provides the employer a draft for review. ProBenefits supplies instructions regarding adoption and maintenance of the document. We also remain available for ongoing questions and assistance.


Our standard fee is $600 for a consolidated Wrap SPD. This is a one-time fee typically billed at the initiation of the project.

Fee Discounts are available for employers with 1 or more other lines of service with ProBenefits (Form 5500, FSA, POP, HRA, HSA, or COBRA).

While this is not an ongoing “monitoring” service as some companies claim, assistance with future amendments is available upon request.


Note: This service is a stand-alone product and an employer is not required to utilize other services that ProBenefits offers to have access to our Wrap SPD preparation service. If an employer would like to utilize the service, contact our team to receive a copy of the data form and get started. Finally, by way of disclaimer, ProBenefits is not a law or accounting or firm and does not provide formal legal or tax advice. The Wrap SPD provided is an advanced template and is not intended as formal legal advice to the employer or its insurance advisor(s).


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