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ERISA Compliance

ERISA Compliance

One of the ProBenefits distinctives is expertise on a wide range of compliance issues affecting health and welfare plans. Based on our long experience of assisting employers and plan advisors with IRS rules, ERISA, COBRA, the Affordable Care Act, and other topics, we offer value-added compliance services to meet current demands of employers and plan advisors. Consistent with the ProBenefits service model, we seek to be cost-effective and efficient in our client support, delivery, and accessibility.

Compliance services are coordinated by our in-house benefits attorneys, Jason Cogdill and Laura Bibb. In addition to Jason and Laura, ProBenefits personnel assisting clients have substantial compliance experience.

What distinguishes our compliance services? Four key advantages:

  1. Expertise – services are coordinated by experienced and qualified benefits attorneys and other compliance personnel;
  2. Accessibility – we answer your phone calls and emails and are responsive to your needs;
  3. Availability – compliance services are available to employers of any size and regardless of whether employer has other business with ProBenefits; and
  4. Cost Efficiency - employers are charged only for what they need and are not charged large annual fees for services not needed as done by other service providers.


Services Available: