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COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration

In addition to administrative services for FSA, HRA, HSA and POP plans, ProBenefits offers full-service COBRA administration. ProBenefits currently administers COBRA for employers of all sizes (20 to 5,000) in multiple states. ProBenefits COBRA is built on technology and client service and includes an automated web product and full compliance support.


The COBRA administration process is designed to be simple and efficient for employers. ProBenefits collects health plan enrollment data from the employer and tracks eligibility and coverage based on employer reporting. ProBenefits generates and sends all required and elective COBRA notices to qualified beneficiaries. ProBenefits collects COBRA premiums from participants and remits to the employer.

Client Service

ProBenefits COBRA includes the client service model that we have used for over 20 years of benefits administration. A ProBenefits administrator is a “single point of contact” for the employer. Additional staff assist with customer service needs of participants or the employer. ProBenefits offers a dedicated COBRA website and online tracking to help administrators access the plan and report coverage changes.


ProBenefits COBRA has three levels of compliance support: (1) a skilled and knowledgeable COBRA administrator who handles day-to-day administration; (2) an advanced and automated administrative software system; and (3) two in-house benefits attorneys who assist the COBRA administrator, employers, and plan advisors. Our attorneys are qualified on COBRA and a full range of benefits issues, and they add significant compliance resources to the COBRA administrative service.

Another distinctive compliance feature is our automated mail processing system (“OMS”) that documents and tracks every item of mail sent to participants, to serve as formal proof of content and delivery of COBRA notices. OMS is an outstanding tool for COBRA compliance and adds a layer of protection for all clients.


The fees for COBRA administration are reasonable and competitive, particularly considering the level of client service and compliance support included. Note that the fees are bundled and include COBRA administration of all employer group health plans (not just major medical).

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