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Refresher on COBRA Compliance Basics

Refresher on COBRA Compliance Basics
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by Christopher Macali on 22 February, 2017 with Add new comment

COBRA has long been one of the most significant benefits compliance responsibilities for employers. If you need a refresher course on COBRA basics and key compliance requirements for employers, our recent short course will be helpful to you.

COBRA generally applies to any employer that has 20 or more employees and sponsors one or more benefits that qualify as a “group health plan” under the ERISA and COBRA statutes. The U.S. Department of Labor continues to enforce COBRA aggressively, and non-compliance by employers involves risk of audits, penalties, civil litigation, and other consequences.

Our COBRA short course is a recording of our first live session of the 2017 ProBenefits Webinar Series: The Basics of COBRA Compliance – What Employers Need To Know. A recording of the presentation is available here. The presentation is 30 minutes in length.

While COBRA is complex, we designed the webinar to outline the key fundamentals of COBRA and answer common questions we receive as a COBRA administrator. Topics covered include:

  • What employers and benefit programs are subject to COBRA
  • What individuals are eligible for COBRA
  • COBRA timeline and required notices
  • Mid-year and open enrollment rights for COBRA participants
  • COBRA disability extension
  • State continuation
  • Correcting a failure to offer COBRA

As a COBRA administrator, our team of administrators and compliance personnel ensures compliance for employer clients by tracking COBRA eligibility, sending required notices and other communications, processing premium payments, handling appeals, and more. For more details about ProBenefits COBRA administration, contact us.

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Christopher Macali

Christopher Macali

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