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Health Plan Identifier Requirement & Impact on HRA/FSA Plans

Health Plan Identifier Requirement & Impact on HRA/FSA Plans
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by Christopher Macali on 15 October, 2014 with Add new comment

New rules require health plans to obtain a unique Health Plan Identifier (HPID), which eventually must be used by plans, providers, insurers, and others in all HIPAA standard transactions. The HPID requirement is an effort to standardize health care transactions in order to reduce the cost and increase the quality of heath care. The requirements for full compliance differ depending on the size and structure of the plan. Although the deadline for large health plans to obtain the HPID is fast approaching, further guidance from HHS would be welcome to clarify the rules. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a series of FAQ’s addressing this requirement, including some updated FAQs within recent weeks. Among other information, the FAQs provided guidance regarding the application of this requirement to HRAs and FSAs. Click here for a PDF summary of the topic, including a discussion of plans subject to the requirement and the deadline for compliance.

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Christopher Macali

Christopher Macali

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