Note to employers: A reminder as you are completing your W-2s for 2016: the IRS requires that you supply the amount contributed for the Dependent Care FSA in Box 10. Read this blog entry for more details.

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Dependent Care

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  • Using Your Flex Card

    Using Your Flex Card

    Find out how easy it is to use your Flex Card to pay for flexible spending account eligible items and services.

  • Orthodontia and Your FSA

    Orthodontia and Your FSA

    Someone in your family need braces or other orthodontia? Learn how a Flexible Spending Account can help with the cost.

  • FSA Money Left Over?

    FSA Money Left Over?

    Have fewer medical expenses than expected this year? Here are ideas for spending the rest of your FSA dollars.


ProBenefits, Inc. is a third-party administrator and plan service provider specializing in administration and compliance for health and welfare benefit plans. ProBenefits administers Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plans (including Flexible Spending Accounts), Section 105 Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Health Savings Accounts, and COBRA. In addition, ProBenefits offers a range of benefits compliance services to assist employers and plan advisors. We currently provide services for over 1,500 employers in 10 states.


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  • FSA Eligible Expenses and ItemsFSA Eligible Expenses and Items